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Sarah-Quita joins the ever growing team of young vandals.

The 2009 PWA Women's Freestyle World Champion, Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard, Vandal), will be starting the season on Vandal sails.

Vandal Commented:

"We're proud to welcome Sarah-Quita to the team. She'll be riding Vandal Sails on the PWA freestyle and wave tours, but will remain on Gaastra for slalom. She's a force to be reckoned with, and her prowess has brought her back-to-back overall PWA titles in freestyle. Simply put, none of her competitors can touch her! Furthering her career, Sarah hopes to add slalom and wave trophies to her already staggering achievements. 

We're super stoked to have the Aruban shredder join Alex Mussolini (Tabou, Vandal) and Jamie Hancock (Tabou, Vandal). Look for future Vandal products based around Sarah’s infectious style - Sarah and Vandal are the perfect match.

The Vandal movement continues to grow and gain strength. Join us."

Vandal also caught up with Sarah-Quita for a quick Q & A:

V: Vandal has really knocked a few people back by bringing some fresh designs to windsurfing.  Are you stoked to be aligning with a young aggressive team?

SQ: Vandal has already shown that it's got what it takes to make it to the top with a spectacular performance from Musso in Sylt. I'm definitely stoked to sail with this young and talented team.

V: Are you looking forward to working on the sails, together with Musso, Jamie, Kevin, and Dan?

SQ: I've met most of the team now and I know they're all talented and very motivated people. Watching Musso and jamie sail in the waves is seriously inspiring. I'm sure together we'll be able to come up with some good sails.

V: We understand you've been sailing and training on the Riot. Do you like the super high cut foot, short luff, and 4 batten layout of the smaller sizes?

SQ: I love the Riot because it's really light and has loads of power which means you can be on the smallest sails while on the water.  Also the high cut foot makes the sail a breeze to handle for ducking moves! 

V: What are your goals for the tour this year?

SQ: To defend my freestyle title. I'm going for 3 in a row!

V: It's pretty sick that you can stomp tons of moves that many pro men can't land. Do you get sick of being compared to the boys? Is the double standard in windsurfing annoying?

SQ: I think that's why I'm at the level where I am now. When I train, I'm surrounded by the guys soo I compare myself with them.  No way I'm staying behind! I want to show that the women rip just as hard!

V: How do you feel about being a role model?

SQ: It's pretty awesome to hear that people look up to me :) I just hope I'm setting a good example!

V: What's the latest move you're working on?  What makes it so hard?

SQ: The burner and the culo. I can occasionally land the burner but it's hard to get it every time. Still working hard on the Culo. It would be great if I could land these moves in a comp!  It's hard to land these because you have to be able to duck the sail down while maintaining speed to perform the move in the air.

V: What move do you throw down when you really want to shut the critics up?

SQ: A one handed body drag :P


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