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April 20, 2010 @ 05:17:38   Foto PWA


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Andy Chambers (JP, NeilPryde) has made it clear that he'll be a force to be reckoned with in 2010, and will be bursting back onto the scene this spring at the first PWA freestyle event in Austria.

Following a long period off the water due to injury, Chambers has recently returned, and looks to be on fire. Check out his latest video HERE.

It wasn't a simple matter of jumping straight back on his board and busting out big combination moves though as Chambers explains:

"This video is from my first 6 weeks of windsurfing again after breaking my ankle in the summer. It was a slow and painful road to recovery! I had to swallow a big pill of pride as I was really struggling to land any moves at all to begin with, even ones I had been doing for 8 years and could do with my eyes closed! 

I got quite depressed about it, and actually kept hoping that people would think that someone had bought my sails and was out learning on my old gear (and not that it was me)! However, towards the end of the trip things did start to come back and some moves I could actually do better than before! But, there was still a lot I couldn’t do which I could do before the accident. Once I'd realised that it was more mind over matter, things started to improve. I then headed off to Cape Town for 10 weeks to try and get into the waves a bit more (The video is on its way!). 

At the moment i'm in Maui for the 2011 JP Photoshoot which is going well. The Weather has been a bit iffy but we're still managing to get plenty of sailing in! And most of all, everyone's loving the new gear! You guys are in for a real treat when these toys hit the shelves later this year!

I'm looking forward to getting on Tour again as I missed 2 out of 3 events last year due to my injury. I feel pretty confident at the moment that I'm up to the same standard as last year, so fingers crossed I didn’t miss out on too much… From what I've seen the standard of the top 5 has gone through the roof again so it looks like there's going to be plenty of new moves and loads of action at the events! Lets hope the Volcano doesn’t stop us all from getting there!"


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