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The recent conditions in Maui have given Kurosh Kiani (Angulo, Simmer) the chance to thoroughly test his new equipment in time for the upcoming slalom season, which kicks off in a months time at the Ulsan World Cup, Korea.

Kiani commented:

"Maui has been rocking recently. Fewer good wave days equals lots of slalom sailing for me. We had a long period with nuking conditions so I put the Magnum 62 to the test. With a 5.5 and 6.2 I sailed the board in super windy conditions and proved that this board can take a lot of wind despite its size. When it comes to gybing, it has definitely helped me because now I have plenty of drive in my turns and come out with good power. On the Magnum 62 I have used fins from 32-37cm.

I've also spent lots of time on the Magnum 72 with sails from 7.0-8.6. This board is the perfect all-round board. It can take lots of sail sizes and just keeps working even with a fully powered up 7.0. It is definitely my favourite gybing board as I have instant power coming out of the gybes which means I rarely stop in those turns. Even with my 8.6 I find stability on this board which supports me and the sail very nicely. For any guys looking to have a one board quiver, this is definitely the board to go for. For this board I have been on fins from 38-42cm.

The last few days I've put the Magnum 82 to the test as well, and all I can say is that this board is a machine. I'm surprised how much speed you can get out of such a big board. Speed and comfort are the first words that pop into my mind when I think of this board. With the same gybing abilities as the other boards, this one's going to be a powerful weapon out there on the course. Just push it harder and it will take you faster guaranteed. This board will eat up the other boards out there, making its shark look worthy! The Magnum 82 takes fins from 46-54cm whether it is a carbon or a G10 fin. 

Something that you feel instantly when going on these boards is the very light weight - it's fantastic.

It's not just about speeding over here in Maui. I really try to focus on getting those gybes down as well. I have buoys on the water every time and try to get some racing situations going on. Luckily there are lots of guys here willing to race, so I feel lucky being able to have this set-up.

The forecast still looks good, so there's loads of time left to spend on the water. I'm still psyched to do more sailing over here before heading back home to Denmark, where there will be a big change of scenery as i will be sailing in lighter winds and probably in the lakes as well. Not a bad pre season training program I would say.

Aloha from Maui"


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