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Slalom racer, Jesper Orth, is the newest recruit at KA sails.

KA Sails is the latest brand to join the PWA, and at the same time they bring us news that they've signed a deal with top PWA slalom racer, Jesper Orth (RRD, KA).

KA are bringing a wealth of products to the market this year, with already proven results. The first being the Koncept, a sail with 3 cams and a narrower luff sleeve which has successfully driven no fewer than 2 sailors to break the 50 knot barrier for a 2 second peak. It also holds the all time fastest 5x10 second average speed on GPSSS. Their next range is the brand new and more full-blooded KArace which features a lower aspect, wider luff sleeve, and 5 cams.

KA Sails owner and chief designer, Andrew McDougall, had this to say:

“When we got the news that Jesper had left Severne after 7 years, we immediately saw the opportunity and contacted him for a possible future with KA sails.

The timing seemed just perfect because we wanted to push the brand forward and enter the prestigious PWA tour where you get worldwide exposure and recognition of your products.

Not only is Jesper a very talented and respected sailor, but also a very down to earth person with an unmatched knowledge from his many years of involvement in R+D. This indeed will be very valuable for KA Sails in the years to come.

We are an Australian brand based in Melbourne, very close to the renowned Sandy Point speed spot. Our possibilities for all year round R+D have now expanded to involve the windy coast of Western Australia, where Jesper has a full loft set up. This will set a very strong base for future development of KA Sails and products.”

Jesper commented:

“When I finished with Severne I got a few offers from different sail brands. KA sails was the one that I immediately placed highest on my list of options. I knew the guys well enough and all the passion they put into their sails. Andrew is a genius and is not only a gifted designer but is also behind the programming of the Mcsail design software that is used by many of the top sail brands in the industry. They also have Martin Love on the team, an award winning Industrial Designer.

Not only that, they even have 2 sailors that have broken the 50 knots barrier with a stock production sail!

When Andrew sent me some KA's to try out it didn't take me long to realise that the sails are fully competitive against the other mainstream brands, and even better on some points!

I’m very happy to be signing on with KA sails, and extremely excited to help with 'propelling' the brand forward. It was a good feeling to sign up with a brand I have known for a long time and the fact that it is Australian based makes it just the right choice for me. In my short time of involvement I can already see and feel the talent and potential behind the brand. My motivation is 100%.”

For more info on KA sails, check out www.kasail.com



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