Road to Recovery with Luke Stedman

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COOLANGATTA, Queensland- In 2008, Luke Stedman posted his best result ever on the ASP World Tour, finishing 11th in the world and was looking for an assault at the Top 10 in 2009. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as Stedman was sidelined with an array of injuries. Receiving the ASP Wildcard for the 2010 season, and fully recovered, ASP International caught with with Luke to get his thoughts on recovery and the year ahead. This...is their story...

Last year had to have been tough after having such a mega year in 2008. Can you take us through what happened, your injuries, recoveries, etc.?
Yes, it was a torturous year in ’09. I had such a good year in ’08 and was keen to keep the ball rolling, but I had to have surgery on my foot. I had all sorts of damage including bone and ligament. I was sidelined by this for nearly five months. Then when I came back, I went too hard too fast and ended up doing another injury on my groin. So I had to go back into rehab and this time I did not surf until I was 100%.

The ASP Wildcard ion process can often be a grueling experience. Can you walk us through how it went down from your perspective?
To be honest, I was never really worried about getting the wildcard. I was a lil’ worried when Ace and Jeremy injured themselves, but as they ended up qualifying, I was a shoe-in and besides, you can’t worry too much about things you can’t control. I just focused on getting back to 100%.

How are you feeling now? How have you used this off-season to get ready for 2010?
I’m better than ever now. I have had a full year off and I feel super energized and ready to make a strong comeback to where I was in ’08. My injuries are a thing of the past and I’m feeling super excited to tackle this year head on. It will be super exciting to be a part of the new tour and I just can’t wait to put on that singlet and hear the hooter sound. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

At the mid-way point this season, the ASP Top 45 will be reduced to 32, how do you foresee this changing the pace of the opening half of the season? Who will you keep your eye on at the Gold Coast?

Really, it’s business as usual. I don’t care one bit about projections and predictions. They never all come true so what’s the point in listening. It’s just speculation and I have no time for it. Hahahahah - it’s going to be awesome to watch every one pumped out of their minds trying to make the cut, but watch the guys who don’t care at all about it and they are the ones that will do really well.


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