Audi MedCup: economic success in times of downturn

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The Audi MedCup circuit closes 2009 with a media impact of 24,9 million euros, following a Sport + Markt study carried out in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK and Germany. The results show an economic growth of 35% with regards to 2008, in spite of the crisis.

The Audi MedCup Circuit achieved a media impact of 24,9 million euros during the economic year 2009, according to a study carried out by the German media monitoring company Sport + Markt in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK and Germany, the six goal markets for the organizers of the Circuit. The study was made on behalf of World Sailing Management -nautical divison of Grupo Sant Mónica Sports - the event's organizer and marketer, and Audi, it’s main sponsor, and shows the important increase of the circuit's media impact in regards to 2008, year in wich it verged on the 18,3 million euros, so the same sources.

It is worth mentioning that such increase was achieved in spite of the 2009 circuit having just 5 regattas, one less than in 2008. “ Maintaining the impact in such circumstances would have successful enough”, says Fernando Iñigo, Marketing and Communications Director of Grupo Santa Monica Sports, “ since we cut down the number of events in 20%, but in spite of that we've managed to increase the media impact in 35%”. Following Iñigo's opinion, such a success is due to the consolidation of a communication strategy maintained throughout time, “ a strategy which started three years ago ( date on which WSM was founded), and which involves very good audiovisual production quality. We've made a quantum leap in TV coverage”.

These results consolidate the Audi MedCup Circuit, founded by Ignasi Triay and Nacho Postigo in 2005, as the most important fleet regatta circuit of the world. The monitored countries showed a TV coverage of around 630 hours, with a monitored media impact of around 16,2 million euros of AVE – Advertising Value Equivalent-, whereas in 2008 it reached 10,2 million euros approximately. Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Ireland and Portugal were, in this order, the countries where the circuit's was most broadcasted, between May and December 2009.

Print strong
The press coverage was just as good as the TV one, 1.201 articles with an estimated value of around 6,3 million euros of AVE. Spain was the country with the biggest press coverage, followed by France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, UK and Ireland in this order. Newspapers as important as the national ABC, El Mundo or Marca were the ones which showed a bigger support to the Circuit in Spain. L'Equipe in France, La Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy, or The Independent in the UK, also contributed to consolidate the event's coverage.

The impact in the digital media didn't fall behind, as it can be inferred from a study carried out in 2009 for the first time, and it's been estimated in 3,3 million euros in the six monitored countries, amount which is not included in the global 24,9 million euro media impact. It went beyond the 2 million euros in Spain, and represents more than 13% of the Circuit's global impact.

Fernando Iñigo stated to be convinced about the effectiveness of WSM's communication strategy for the Audi MedCup Circuit, and expects “ the media impact to grow in 10% globally, and 30% in Italy and France. In both countries we want our presence in the media to grow, reaching a bigger media impact by doing so”, said the WSM Marketing and  Communications Manager.


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